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Off the Face of the Earth

24 May

flickr: abeautifulparty

My mother once told me that for some people it must seem like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. She’s amazed that I can one day just decide to stop talking to someone and basically ostracize them from my life. She’s so dramatic. My mother doesn’t realize that I have to think about making this decision before I decide anything. There’s a thought process that must occur before a choice is made. Continue reading


Pray and Live

22 May

flickr: astralglow

I can’t go to sleep at night without tossing and turning for at least thirty minutes to an hour beforehand. This is in large-part due to the fact that I tend to worry about everything there is to possibly worry about in my life when my head hits the pillow and I’m trying to go to sleep. Last night was like this for me. The night before when my parents and I were still at the condo in N. Myrtle Beach was very much the same, only I actually remember sleeping some, waking up at least two or three times during the night. Continue reading